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The top entries for the Austrian World Music Awards

The artists featured on this page represent the top entries for the 2015 and 2014 Austrian World Music Awards. The awards are presented annually by the Austrian World Music Association, and the winners are selected by a panel of experts.
(In alphabetical order)

Top entries 2015

Top entries 2014


Anatolia-born singer Özlem Bulut and her combo offer eloquent declarations of love and political statements wrapped in (Turkish) wit. The singer ignites a fireworks of sensuality that captivates, moves, and makes audiences dance until the last note.

Özlem Bulut Band: Aşk Bitmez

Roy de Roy

Roy de Roy recycle polka and punk, mix Balkan with ska. This quintet with Carinthian-Slovenian and other, unpronounceable, roots sees Vienna as the capital of Eastern Europe and uses its musical treasures to sing about a paranoid society, the stupidity of nationalism, vain Diasporas and the historiography of the Balkans. With the ease of throwing a Molotov cocktail, Roy de Roy render ecstatic pirate waltzes, political satire, and tragedies that make you dance.

Roy de Roy: Heimatlandverraeter


Sakina takes her audiences on a journey into old and new Mesapotamia. The Kurdish singer knows how to mix regional vocal styles with traditional and experimental techniques. Always acting on new inspirations, she bridges the gap from tradition to modern music with great virtuosity and without compromise.

SAKINA: Narine

Salah Ammo & Peter Gabis (Finalist)

Salah Ammo’s stylistic roots are in the music of the Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, and Assyrians. The only things he brought along were his buzuq, his music, his passion, and his dreams. His powerful voice is accompanied by an unusual and delicate instrumentation and the overtone singing of Peter Gabis.

Salah Ammo & Peter Gabis: Leysa Lil Kurdi illa Arrieh - The Kurd has nothing but the wind


Translated from Farsi, Sehrang means “three colors.” With vocals, guitar, and percussion, the trio creates an exhilarating atmosphere with rhythmically and melodically virtuosic pieces.

Sehrang: Pari

Sormeh (Finalist)

The Iranian-Serbian trio Sormeh adds new color to the Austrian world-music landscape, spanning the gamut from Middle Eastern to Balkan music and finding a cosmopolitan compromise in Jewish musical traditions, idiosyncratic arrangements, and their drive to improvise.

Sormeh: Raaz

Trio Klok

This music makes you move, makes you think, warms your heart, opens up new dimensions, and is utterly intoxicating. Trio Klok playfully and confidently combine passion and reason.

Trio Klok: Run

Vila Madalena

The young Serbian accordion virtuoso Nikola Zarić found a congenial partner in the versatile clarinet player Franz Oberthaler. In Vila Madalena, powerful melodies oscillate with gentle sounds reminiscent of chamber music – extraordinary, multifaceted, and profound.

VILA MADALENA: Vila Madalena


The group Whyrauch formed some fifteen years ago out of a mutual disdain for the oversaturation of the Yuletide spirit. The musicians reinterpret Christmas music from all around the world. Over the years, the band has distanced itself from the Christmas season and is now also composing its own original songs.

Whyrauch: schienbeinpolka